Why "Just" People

"Just" People aims to support and enhance each member's life. We pride ourselves on creating a family.

But don't take our word for it...

"Just" People is an answered prayer! My son is happy and safe every day! He’s living independently and loving life!

I have a family member who attends here. This is such a fantastic organization who don't get enough credit. I wish the world had more "Just" People organizations. Keep up the great work and thank you for everything that you do for my family member.

I have peace of mind knowing I'm not alone in caring for my loved one.  It takes a village!  Together with "Just" People, I am able to make sure my family member is well cared for, happy, healthy and living her best life.

Everyone in the program from the staff to the clients were so welcoming and loving --- I immediately felt like family. The clients there are some of the most unique, talented, FUN, vibrant, and gracious people I have ever met in my life - and they have SO much love to give. I was blown away by how ready they all were to offer their hearts and stories to someone who is essentially a stranger - the world needs more of that! I want to urge all of them to continue to pursue their dreams, explore their talents, and embrace all their capabilities! 

Our son joined "Just" People and moved into the JP Village at Roswell almost 16 years ago. He really wanted to join the JP group and live independently. I wasn’t sure how it would work and had plenty of doubts. With the help of Becky, Kelli and the JP team, not only has he lived and thrived at JP for all the past years but the self-esteem and confidence lift that he has gained has been so great to watch. Worrying about your child is normal, watching them grow into an adult and thrive is truly a blessing. Thank you to the entire JP team!

Caring individuals make up this company and assist those in need while exceeding all expectations. They have and will continue to bring a lot of joy to soo many clients and their families!

I feel so very fortunate that Kurt has a wonderful place to live. He has benefited greatly by "Just" People. The "Just" People Village has provided him with the opportunity to live independently, nurture his responsibilities, and develop relationships that he never would have had if not for this caring organization. I am deeply grateful and feel very fortunate that this has been available to me as his parent. 

I’m a dreamer...

I just want our baby to be healthy.

I just want our daughter to be healthy and safe.

I just want our daughter to be healthy, safe, accepted and have friends.

I just want our daughter to be healthy, safe, accepted, have friends and be happy. Isn’t that everyone’s dreams?


In all of your lives JPV, you will never know how truly happy you have made so many people by loving ♥️ Just People.♥️


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