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While every member's intake process looks a little different, these are the main components of becoming an official Just People Party Animal!

Intake Meeting

To begin the process, the potential member will schedule an initial meeting with our Intake Coordinator, Natalie Christianson. This is where we will learn about the potential member and discuss the specifics of joining our program!

Trial Days

Once the initial assessment has been completed, the potential member will then participate in trial days to receive firsthand experience of "Just" People. There will be at least two trial days for the potential member to experience both an in-house day and participation in an activity day out in the community.

Respite Stay

In addition to Day Program trial days, we also require respite stays for prospective ILP members. This allows for further firsthand experience on the independent living aspect of "Just" People.
*Please note that the amount of trial days and respite stays are based on the discretion of "Just" People.
You may be asked to do additional trials or respites for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:
unable to participate, scheduling conflicts, or behavioral issues.
After each step, our direct support staff will share information regarding the trials and will be shared with the prospect's family. After the final step, all of the information will be discussed with the administration team to make the ultimate decision regarding placement.

Begin your "Just" People Journey today.

I have peace of mind knowing I'm not alone in caring for my loved one.  It takes a village! Together with "Just" People, I am able to make sure my family member is well cared for, happy, healthy and living her best life. 

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